Friday, September 25, 2015

Just for me

I don't often buy things for myself except perhaps the odd book or magazine but lately, that has been a rare occurrence. Last year, when I was in BC visiting my daughter and her family, we went to some craft fairs. One of the venues had a small art shop where you could purchase local artisans' works. I love art and I love to support the local art scene whenever I can. There is also a Station House Gallery in town where I have been known to spend a few dollars on Christmas or birthday presents. Anyway, getting back to the craft fairs, there are some really talented people in this world.

This little wall hanging caught my eye.

As you can see, it is hand made.

A local artisan.

I also purchased this scarf for myself. Blue is my favourite colour.

And look, it's by the same person.

I think it's time I took the tags off and used the scarf and hung up the bear. My walls need a change.

My baby girl is in town with her fiance. Unexpected and a wonderful surprise. They go back to the UK on Tuesday so there hasn't been much creative time. The twins will be having their first birthday party on Sunday and little Teemu is now 4 months old so Ayla and David have been busy with lots of family time.


  1. The bear's wonderful - I have something similar that I bought in Sweden many years ago that shows the Northern lights, made by a Sami craftswoman - but the scarf is perfect! I would wear that. It would fit into my wardrobe so easily! :)

  2. Lovely things! I've got some fleecy mittens bought at a craft fair in Canada in February 2000 with beadwork on the backs. They are super-warm and only for very cold days!

  3. Felted wool, and woven scarf, well done, and we all need a special something for ourselves every so often

  4. Sometimes we just fall in love with something and have to bring it home. I think it's always better if that something you fall for is handmade.

  5. Of course I LOVE the wall hanging, Very nice!

  6. It must be wonderful having Ayla home!!! I love your artsy finds, Dolores, so much better than what you find at the box stores....lovely.

  7. Love what you got yourself!
    And what a wonderful time you must have (-:


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