Thursday, October 29, 2015

The quilting

I was quite happy when I walked by the quilt and saw...

the quilting that was showing up because of the light coming in from the window. I knew what I wanted to quilt in the dark triangles ...

cross hatching using the width of a ruler and ...

the same but less lines in the smaller triangles. 
But when it came to those beige rectangles, I wasn't so sure. I could have left them as is or I could have quilted straight lines diagonally across to form a large X.

But then I thought I could use one of my quilt stencils. I love using just parts of them - they are so versatile.

After placing each one on top of the rectangle, I decided on this one. It was the correct width.

These are my marking tools. Pencil crayons and a ruler - if I need it.
 Placement wasn't hard since the edges of the stencil were about the width of the block and I just had to make sure that the centre of the diamond lined up.

So, that was finally decided and done. It took me a couple of days to think about it since I really was just going to quilt straight diagonal lines to make a long X.

I think the double diamond will add a little more interest. Doing anything fancy is a waste of time and effort when you're trying to quilt on a printed piece of fabric. It just won't show up so hopefully, this will help.
BTW, I use a polyester batting so it's nice and light in weight and the quilting shows up wonderfully. Flat batting just doesn't do it for me and I find it hard to quilt through. The lines of the pencil crayons fade during the quilting process and what remains doesn't really show. I've never washed a finished quilt because I don't use anything on them that I need to get rid of. I like the look of a newly quilted quilt.


  1. That stencil is so right for the beige, are you quilting this by hand? Lovely colour combination, it shows off the blue so well.

  2. Hand quilting looks so great here. I too use polyester batting in my quilts, it is what the shops have to offer here. I just don't want it too thick because I use my sewing machine for quilting.

  3. Hello Dolores,

    Gosh you do a lot of work on your quilts, hand quilting is just so beautiful, you are to be congratulated on hand quilting.

    Happy days.

  4. this is certainly NOT instant gratification ! If I were to ever attempt to make a quilt It would take me fifty years.

  5. LOVING the quilting, Dolores. I like poly batting for loft and being lightweight - the two comforters I have on my bed both have poly. I also like using a flannel sheet for batting, it gives a nice vintage look and isn't hard to quilt through - great for a lighter weight quilt when you don't need so much warmth. But my favorite is Warm and Natural.

  6. Oh...I LOVE this quilt...and your quilting is going to be the icing on the cake!!

  7. Dolores, thank you for sharing your methods and so helpfully with photos. When it comes to quilting the quilt, I need all the help I can get and what you've mentioned is very true to what I've found through experimentation. Lovely work you are doing.

  8. Good choices for your quilting on this one.

  9. Love this post and seeing your tools and stencils :)
    Enjoy your quilting!


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