Friday, October 28, 2011

Mini quilts and Hallowe'en sewing

I finished the little Hallowe'en quilts.

 My daughter has yet to pick this one up.

My youngest son got this one

  and this one with the cat went to my eldest son. It was appropriate since he and his wife have two black cats.

This is the backing for all of them. I have wanted to use it up for a long time. I still have lots of it left so I guess I have to make more Hallowe'en quilts in the future. I sewed a ring to the back of all the quilts so that they can be hung on a nail. I machine quilted them at the same time that I sewed the fused pieces on. I also tried out that spray baste. Sticky, yukky but it did work. I have not washed them. They may shrink.

I am now working on costumes. I made 4 more cuffs for my son and his girlfriend who are going as Musketeers. Two cuffs have already been picked up - with the quilt. I now have to make a couple of tabards and boot covers.

This is the fabric my son chose. Royal blue is the colour he wanted and we found some in fleece. Fabricland had a sale on lace and so the eyelet was buy one metre and get 3 for free. We got 8 metres and it's going to be sewn on the tabards. I told him that when Hallowe'en is over I'd like the tabards back (no one ever wears anything from one year to the next.) I thought I could make little Luc an outfit or two out of the fabric. Luc's mom immediately thought of Superman for next year. I was thinking more along the lines of a pair of pants and a jacket. There's a lot of fleece so I'm sure I can get lots of things for the little guy out of it.

My other son is going as Peter Pan. He and his wife found a wool crepe dress in the perfect colour green (but it does not show up in this photo or the one above) at Value Village. Someone had made the dress but not finished it. I washed it on the delicate cycle, took out an elastic that was sewn at the waist and ripped open the side seams. I have to cut some fabric off the hem and add it to the sides since the dress was a tight fit. There may be enough to make a hat but we'll see.


  1. You've been busy! Your little Halloween quilts look really cute.

  2. Cute quilts Dolores!

  3. Dolores those quilts are way too darling!!! You're doing great with the costumes, girl, be sure to take pics of the finish!

  4. The Halloween quilts are delightful. Your children are lucky to have you as their costumer.


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