Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little hats

Since my daughter asked me to make some hats for little Luc, I have been on a roll trying out different patterns. I have a few little patterns and the latest one that I chose to make out of a small piece of plaid fleece that I found in my stash is McCall's 6235. The drawing of the hat makes it appear curved but it is more like the photo and boxy.

 It is small and sewed up quickly. Being fleece helped with hand sewing the hem. I didn't have to thicken it by taking an extra seam allowance since fleece does not ravel.

This, of course, is the crown. I do like it when the written instructions and the diagrams are clear and not ambiguous.

In the previous post I showed you what I was working on and now the little hat with the pom pom is complete. The first pom pom came out a tad big so I had to make another one.

I really like the way the yarn makes it look like I was clever and changed colours to make those little white designs but, it's all in the yarn.

Now I'm off to do some more sewing. I have a deadline so I should be moving along.


  1. these are so adorable. You are going to have a well and truly trendy little baby there!!

  2. Cute hats! You were fast with knitting.

  3. I love them both - Luc is going to be the warmest baby on the block, not to mention the most stylish!

  4. Cute hats! I love that yarn too.

  5. Both these hatws are absolutely adorable.

  6. Lovely little hats. I really like the red one...very unique:)

  7. Darling hats for Luke you've made Dolores! Love how your knit turned out...

  8. I don't knit...but, have a pair of socks from Anne in Scotland..that I won on her blog...that are similar to the little hat/toque you did. they change colours and make a design....
    I really love the colours of your little creation....


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