Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dufferin Piecemakers Quilt Show - Part 1

This took place Oct. 23-24th but I now have a bit of time to show you the gorgeous quilts. Grab a beverage, sit back and enjoy.

These are the fabrics used in the challenge quilts - The following four quilts were part of the challenge.

Obviously a winner - in the pieced category.

This one had that really nice 3-D effect that I like so much. (It's sideways because blogger won't co-operate but it still looks OK)

Believe it or not, this one is sideways too - but don't tell anyone.

This one was just so darn cute - a winner in the applique category,no doubt. I would love to know if it's a commercial pattern or someone's imagination.

A novel way to use up all manner of neck wear - and labels.
 A nice old-fashioned fan quilt. 

A close-up of the quilting.

A great colour combination and one you don't find often.

A wonderful quilt. Great use of just two blocks.
Lovely, muted colours. Kind of makes you not notice that it's a sampler.

Winding ways - heavily quilted.

A great scrap quilt - also heavily quilted.
This landscape is of the Three Sisters which are clearly visible from Canmore, Alberta.

A nice little piece - hand quilted.

A memento of a trip.

And, not to be out-done, a memento of a trip to New Zealand - using fabrics purchased there.

One of my all-time favourite quilts. Simplicity.
A cute, quick baby quilt.
 And, for my daughter Laila, Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill/Jim.

Also, in redwork.

I leave you today with this one. Does anyone know if this is a commercial pattern and if so, who the designer is?
Stay tuned for part two - tomorrow.


  1. Such impressive quilts! I especially like how three different people made such different quilts with the fabrics. What a great challenge! I would like to join one like that one day.
    Well, I won't say how much I love all the other ones in their own special ways!

  2. Thanks Dolores, the quilts are wonderful!

  3. I made sure I had my white gloves on this time Dolores and had a really good look.... :-)xxx
    Great aren't they !

  4. I enjoyed seeing these quilts very much.

  5. Hi Dolores,

    You have some wonderful Quilt Shows over there and thanks for sharing all your photographs with us.
    I really enjoyed seeing them all, especially loved the little birds and tie and bowtie quilts.


  6. Love to see Canadian made quilts! Thanks for sharing. I love your blog heading too!

  7. WOW! There are some absolutely fabulous pieces you have shared with us. Another great thing about quilt blogs. When we can't get to the show....the show comes to us

  8. Thank you Dolores! It's always fun to 'see' a quilt show through your eyes. I'm with you on the little birds - so cute and such personalities.

  9. DAZZLED!!Wow what talent there! AND Patience- pays off big time so beautiful and fun.

  10. My gosh you have some talented quilters in Canada - these are really, really wonderful! That bird quilt caught my eye too, I'd love to know if it's a commercial pattern. I'm so amazed at all of these!

  11. That are beautiful quilts, thank you for sharing this with us. I love to look at pitcures of quilts

  12. Seeing all the pictures of quilt shows has changed my way of looking at quilt patterns. It is good to see masterpieces too! Still I don't want to be intimidated by them; the ladies who made them have been learning a lot longer than I have.

  13. WoW! Wow!
    Yes, What wonderful quilts!
    The show must have been a huge success!
    Wish I could fly it here to my gallery!

  14. hey, nice to find your blog.

  15. I love the first quilt and the one with the birds, but they are all great.

  16. Loved seeing all the quilts .... thanks for sharing!


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