Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dufferin Piecemakers Quilt Show - Part 3

Here we are, the last day of the show. It usually takes me about an hour to an hour and a half to view a quilt show, take photos and browse the vendors' stalls. This time I think it was a bit longer. There were just too many things to look at. I did manage to find a gift for a friend but I really didn't do much shopping.

 I always like to show a variety of quilts. This way both the newbie and the more experienced quilters get to see what others are doing. It just sparks the imagination.

Most quilting patterns are not difficult. All you have to do is look at the block and you can see how it's made. This one is a log cabin but some of the logs (the black ones) are thick and some (the white ones) are thin. It is all in the placement of the fabrics.

Some more of the log cabin type.

A bar quilt.

Another bar quilt but a bit more complex.

Just goes to show you what you can do with a square and some colour placement.

Another clever string quilt. See, it's all in the placement of the colour.

A sampler done with a black background. Totally different in looks from the pastel one.

Another take on the sampler with black - but this time only one other colour  was added.


Again, it's just a log cabin. It's all in colour placement.

A fun little wall hanging. And guess what, it's a log cabin. These ladies must really like the block. There is such variety to it.

Another little wall hanging. Sorry it's a bit blurred. I love the colours (I'm partial to white backgrounds), the simplicity and the variety in the border.

A one-block quilt. Drunkards Path.

Hunters Star.

Just a little paper piecing.

Elegant wall hanging. Just goes to show you that you don't have to make a bed-sized quilt all the time.

This was made for the quilter's husband and turned out differently than when first anticipated. It is pre-printed panels with bear's paw blocks. I love the two toned bear's paws. It just seems to set everything off.

Nine patch?

Hand appliqued in an unusual setting. Very effective.

Hand quilted.

Machine pieced and ...

 machine appliqued and machine quilted.

String of Beads. A friend made a quilt using this pattern once and it was very nice. Lots of applique and lots of areas to focus on some wonderful quilting.

White background, simplicity of design, lots of colour, what's not to like with this quilt.

A nice old lily pattern. I don't think I looked to see if it was hand or machine quilted.

I just had to take a shot of this one. For those of you who don't know, those are crossed hockey sticks and the logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

An now a few Christmas-related quilts.

Click on this to view it better if you wish.


Well, that's it for this show. Thank you all for visiting and leaving a comment (if you felt like it.)

I'm off to get a bit of work done on some of my quilting, sewing and other projects. I will share if they aren't gifts that are meant to be a secret.


  1. Thanks Dolores, love the Maple Leaf's quilt and all the log cabin quilts - wonderful variety.

  2. These are all so beautiful and inspirational! Thanks for posting them all.
    I totally lean towards string quilts and the like so I have a chance of completing something in this busy life!
    Smiles, Cat

  3. Beautiful variety of beautiful quilts - I really, really love the Maple Leafs quilt, that's awesome!!!

  4. These quilts are so amazing. Great to see the variety of styles.

  5. Thank you for sharing your quilt show. Can't pick a favorite even, as they all have something wonderful about them. Loved your comments and insights about the color and placement. Right on.

  6. boy, you hit the jackpot......what a fabulous quilt show!! i love that string quilt.....really beautiful use of color and pattern!! so glad you had fun! xox, :))

  7. I always love it when you go to a quilt show. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me see them all. Gloves on ... :-)
    Thanks Dolores. :-)xxx

  8. More fun! I enjoyed seeing the log cabin variations - it's amazing how versatile that pattern is.

  9. Just beautiful, so glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  10. Hi Dolores,

    There are so many talented people out there and just loved seeing all the fabulous quilts.
    Loved them all but I think my favourite is the cream one with the pink heart. Thanks for showing us.

    Happy weekend

  11. thankyou for showing us all these. I think there is something especially personal about hand quilting. It speaks of patience and care.

  12. Wow! Awesome eye candy Dolores!! It was a pleasure to look at! Inspirational!!! Thanks!


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