Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In and around town

The clinging vine.

Brilliant colour.

City worker.

Leaving behind a mess.

Wall of blue trees.

Movable wall at the University of Toronto.

Old bridge - but not as old as in England.

A couple of bikers - not wearing helmets.

Sewing suspended. The good glasses, the wire framed ones on the far right, lost a lens. No sewing until they get fixed.



  1. Love all the pictures of life and its happenings. The sleeping kitty is wonderful, a carbon copy of our first cat called 'Oliver'. Your selection of glasses made me smile. I also have a myriad of glasses around the house as I am always looking for them (my arms are just not long enough any more!). Fortunately I can manage with 'readers' an inexpensive option.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  2. Thanks for the city tour Dolores. Hope you get your glasses back soon!

  3. Tsk, tsk, tsk on those bikers who aren't wearing a helmet! lol Loved seeing your pictures in and around town. Those blue trees are kinda neat:-) Oh dear, I do hope you can get your glasses repaired quickly. Can't have you going without sewing!! hehe xoxo

  4. Hi Dolores,

    I enjoyed seeing your photographs you shared today.
    Love the pictures around your town, your sweet pussycat and the collection of your glasses ~ I hope that you get them fixed soon.
    No good when we are not able to see clearly, know that myself.
    The answer to your question, the canvas Nancy gave me the measurements are 8" x 10"

    Happy weekend

  5. Brilliant photos! (photo journalism at it's best)and of course, I love the last one :O)

  6. I love those blue trees. Do you think they are blue from cold? Or are they sad?

  7. pretty pics! and lil' digit. if only she was a nice kitty when she was awake


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