Friday, October 29, 2010

My gifts

Earlier this week I received some mail from the little girl in London, England.

Guess what her favourite animal is? Then, the next day...


I received a little package from England in a puffy envelope. I was so glad it was all in one piece.

My very own Welsh sheep from Cardiff Castle in Wales (St. Fagans Pottery) and...

some magic beans. Apparently, they rise to the surface and you can read the words after planting.

Some new books were acquired too. The Follett one I bought and the other two were from my son Eric, the teacher. I watched the movie "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" with my daughter and I really liked it - even if it did have subtitles. He saved me from buying a copy - which I thought of doing for Christmas and then lending it to the females of the family. Must get the other two now. I also had a wonderful meal out with the family that lives close - and of course, that wonderful news.

Busy sewing still.


  1. Good old British Mail :-) xxxx
    I think I have seen that Welsh sheep roaming around Dartmoor :-) xxxx
    Don't let your bear get him :-)

  2. What a darling card! My goodness you got some great treats - LOVE that sheep.

  3. Aaaaw the card and sheep are adorable.

  4. Such a cute sheep - glad he survived the trip unscathed!

  5. Great goodies, Dolores! I love all your books...I'm going to have to get that Stuart McLean one! I've also read all Stieg Larsson's books...he's really popular here in Denmark. What a tragedy he died so early.

  6. my little girl lives in London too!!

  7. Wonderful goodies you've received today!!! Funny, I just wrote the title of of that dragon tattoo book this morning as one I would like to obtain at some point...
    Enjoy! 8-)

  8. Halloween

    The night is dark
    and the goblins are out,
    and the witches and black cats
    are prowling about.

    And costumed creatures
    the strangest I've seen,
    are knocking on doors

    Happy Halloween dear Dolores:-) I love the sheep, it's so darling! Don't you just love receiving surprise goodies in the mail like that!! xoxo
    'cause tonight's Halloween!

  9. Hi Dolores,

    How lovely that you got some beautiful things in the mail.
    Love the sweet sheep, the card is cute and the books look great.
    How neat also are the magic beans.


  10. My DH brought home the Stuart McLean book for me from the library. I laughed until I cried. I'd never heard of the guy before. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading that.

  11. Feelin' pretty good about that sheep purchase for you Mum :-)
    Very glad it got to you so quickly.


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