Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just because

It's always nice to receive gifts but it's even nicer to give. Last month I signed up for, not just one, but two Pay It Forwards.

Midge of Soggibottom fame was quick on the draw and got her PIF gift done in super quick time. You have 365 days to complete your task but this wasn't even a month.

Little Ron Slippers helped me open it. He was so eager when he found out where the package came from. Look, Midge even wrapped it in my favourite colour tissue.

And just look what we found inside. A bag - just for me. I am always making them for someone else and now someone made one just for me. She spun the wool and then knitted it up.

 Here's a better photo of the front - don't you just love that orange pompom that is used as a 'button' closure?

 The back.

Inside, satin lining and it's where Ron and I found...

my very own hand knitted fingerless gloves/wrist warmers in the best colour ever. This extra must have been meant for my birthday.

Little Ron thought they were his very own matching sleeping bags.

So, I had to show him how they work.

He just revelled in all the lovely woolness. Here he is waving to his UK family.

And now, on to the Pay It Forward part.
In case there are those of you who don't know how this works, it's easy:

I am committed to sending a handmade item within 365 days to 3 people who would like to sign up here,
on this post.

By accepting my invitation, YOU then, agree to Pay It Forward to 3 people who sign up with you (on your blog) and send them something within 365 days.

Want to join the fun and Pay It Forward?


  1. This is a lovely idea... I just wish I had the time.... maybe next year :O)
    Hope all is well in your world.

  2. Nice goodies! Methinks you just might lose those handwarmers though - looks like Ron likes them a lot for a wee bed!

  3. Congratulations Dolores - what lovely goodies you received.

  4. Oh Midge is just the BEST - I have two pairs of the gorgeous wrist warmers and LOVE them. That purse is simply stunning!

  5. Hi Dolores,

    I played this a while back and it is really fun seeing what your partner sends you and then sending something on to others.
    Love the sweet bag and handwarmers, you got.


  6. I am late AGAIN...... :-0
    So pleased to see that everything arrived in one piece.
    My word did I make that bag. It looks so good on here.
    Gloves were just your colour.

    Hi Ron Slippers. Looks like your enjoying life.
    Still climbing I see :-(
    :-) xxx

  7. Oh Dolores, you lucky girl, I especially love wrist warmers.
    I have only done one pay it forward before, and I am tempted if I do have a whole year.So I am going to say "YES"
    I would love something from you. Did I miss your birthday? If so, I hope it was wonderful :)

  8. Oh, Dolores..... I see you have been Paying a lot Forward!! thanks so much for offering to play on mine as well.... how very generous of you when you have already done several.....

    thanks again..

  9. I see I missed way too many posts! Somtimes I don't know where all the time goes!
    Do you still need someone for your PIF? I can't really figure it out. Please let me know!


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