Sunday, August 29, 2010

Playing again

While I waited for dear daughter to come over and try the dress on, I started something else. My friends and I are not cotton snobs and I have shelves filled with polyester cotton broadcloth. I love solid colours and when I started quilting there wasn't much in the way of cotton solids but now there are those wonderful tone on tone fabrics that read as solids. Anyway, I decided that I really should do something with them and so I came up with this.

I call it Gees Bend Revisited. Of course it was influence by the Gees Bend quilts. I was blog surfing and came across the fact that there are now patterns and even kits where you too can make your very own Gees Bend quilt. I didn't need a kit. I just needed to look on the shelves and pull out a few fabrics. Cut, sew, cut, sew and now it's done. It will get quilted but I will not worry about the length of the stitches at all. It is just a small wall hanging (24" X 27") and fun to do since you really don't have to worry if anything is straight or even.


  1. Hi Dolores,

    Oh you have been busy, love the quilt you have made.
    Also how lucky Maili is for you making her the lovely dress and hat for the wedding. Looks really fabulous on her.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  2. I'm happy to find at least one other quilter who admits using polyester cotton blends for quilting! I have made special memory quilts for three members of my family, using father's old shirts. A happy mix of pure cotton, 65 CO/35 PE, and even some 50/50. My normal batting is 100 % polyester, because the cotton batting is not easily available here.

  3. this is gorgeous Dolores, really contemporary despite the fact that it's inspired by history.

  4. Love it Dolores - did you know Pottery Barn is selling Gee's Bend inspired quilts? They've worked with the quilters of Gee's Bend to get them right. Amazing.

    This reminds me of nautical flags, I really like the colors and shapes in this. Wonderful how you can take a few pieces and make something so beautiful - I think you do this better than anybody!

  5. Hello Dolores,
    Love your mini quilt. Glad you got to use up some of your material. It is a very striking quilt.
    Happy days.


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