Monday, August 16, 2010

From idea to doodle and then creation

This is my screen saver. I change it every once in a while but I really liked the trees and since it is summer, I decided that this could stay for a couple of months. So, every time I turn on the computer, this is what I see.

This is the doodle that came from the idea of palm trees. Sometimes you just have to use the paper that's the closest.

This is the little journal quilt that came from the idea and the doodle. It was fun to do.


  1. great idea. Like your quilt.

  2. Oh its gorgeous!

    I must say, I'm glad the cats aren't lion sized! :O) although I would love a lion (just one, or two)

  3. Did you know ?
    They have rabbits on some small islands in the Maldives.

    This is a great doodle. I LOVE IT.
    :-) x x x

  4. You are really talented =) and artistic too. I can't draw at all...

  5. This is a lovely result from your doodle Dolores. I use my photos as wallpaper and change them according to the season.

    The tomato action below looks like good fun but very messy. I bet they are finding tomato seeds in all sorts of places after the event.

  6. oh what fun!!! you should doodle more !!! wonderful work!!!

  7. SOO great Dolores. I want to go too....

  8. Hia Dolores, thanks for visiting my blog. Love your screen saver- gorgeous colour combination.

    Great idea to make a fabric pic inspired by it. One day I hope to be good enough to do a Wind in the Willows inspired project.


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