Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tile and a Gift

I have had a fascination for tile for a couple of years now. This is the tile that started it all. My daughter Maili gave it to me as a gift - either Christmas or my birthday or perhaps, just because.

These are a couple that could be put either way but I liked the idea of the flower in the middle instead of the diamond shape that would have appeared if I had hung them the other way. These are above a window in the dining room - except we use it as a computer room.

These are in the same room but are hung above an archway leading into the living room.

This one is almost 8 inches square and was given to me by Casey, Maili's boyfriend.

This is the smallest one I own at 4 inches square and is probably supposed to be a coaster. I purchased it on a trip to California. It just had such wonderful bright colours - and it was on sale.

Since I own a treadle machine, this tile means a lot to me. It was a birthday gift from my eldest daughter Laila last year.

This is the companion piece to the one above and since I am a quilter, it is perfect. Both of these tiles are 11 by 14 inches and were delivered by Canada post from British Columbia. Both were wonderfully intact.
And lastly, here's a photo of my Mother's Day gift from my son Mark and his wife Kate. It is a scarf with a reproduction of a map of the University of Toronto. I love it. The legend goes from 1796 to 1935. Upon inspection though, I noticed that they left out a street. It no longer exists because when I was little they built a huge building complex on the site. It was called Division Street and would have appeared in the lower left corner where that blotch of red is. Maybe I should do some research to see when they put the street in. My children do seem to get me stuff I like.


  1. Obviously your kids know you very well indeed! Amazing that you noticed the missing street - my hubby grew up on a Division Street too (in Lindsay, of course).

  2. Those tiles are just beautiful! Yes, your children do great getting you gifts you like. Love the scarf - I need to do some research myself, found the address my grandma lived at but can't seem to find the street in google. You make me wonder if it's gone, maybe I should try back some years.

  3. Those tiles are just gorgeous, I can understand your need to collect more :) Hugs Jx

  4. Love those tiles, and that scarf is amazing. Very useful if you get lost in there any time...haha.

  5. I love tiles, too. Your collection is wonderful!

  6. Hi Dolores,

    You have lovely kids to give you the beautiful gifts. The tiles and scarf are fabulous ~ I especially love the treadle sewing machine and the cabinet with the fabric.



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