Thursday, June 24, 2010


These are some of the rejects. I did not remember to take photos of all of them while we auditioned fabrics.

Too dark.

Too tropical.

Hmmm. At first we thought OK, but then again, we decided to keep looking.

My place now looks like the tornado touched down here with all the fabric laying about but we only had the earthquake.

Never experienced one before and neither has my kitty who was sleeping peacefully here in the laundry basket where there were some fabrics that I just washed. She jumped up quickly when we felt the tremors and I thought at first it was the washing machine. We were both surprised. Baxter didn't stir from his nap except to lift his head and I don't know where Digit was.


  1. They're lovely even if they're rejects, Dolores. What a day yesterday - tornadoes and earthquakes! Some people even felt the earthquake here in Detroit. Especially in high-rises. Crazy!

  2. We missed all the excitement yesterday by being in the car and not knowing a thing until later. Luckily we missed out on the storms too.

  3. Gosh it's scary when the weather turns bad!Love your cat sleeping in the fabrics basket!
    It is quite an art matching borders and bindings on quilts.i'm finding that out!!

  4. I love your rejects, Delores! And, admire your willingness to experiment. Glad that you are OK. Scary stuff. We've had two very tiny earthquakes near enough for me to have felt them. (I live near Boston) The first time I wasn't sure -sounded like a big truck going by. But, my dog knew. Second one happened in the middle of the night - that time I knew what it was. My husband missed both - slept thru the 2nd. He had said he wanted to know what it was like. But, I knew by the time I woke him up it would be over. I looked at the clock. Sure enough, it was on the news and was pretty close to us. And it was over quickly.
    Do you think our earth is angry?

  5. Pleased to say Dolores, we missed out !
    x x x


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