Thursday, June 10, 2010

May mini quilt

Lest you all think that I have forgotten about my monthly journal mini quilts, I haven't. I just didn't have the time since I was making t-shirts for my mom and doing other things that took priority. So, here's my little quilt for May - a tad late.
 The idea came from Satu whose blog, Quilttales, I follow and who wrote: "I don't know how it looks there in Canada in May... But the first thing that came to me was the blossom of appletrees."
Go over for a visit and you can check out what she's working on right now. Her work is immaculate.

Now, whether or not this looks like an apple tree in bloom, I don't know but I did want to make a tree with blossoms on it. Here's the fabric from my stash that I cut out all those teeny tiny blossoms. 

It's nice to just look around the studio and pick and choose fabrics to cut up. This is a really old piece of fabric that I have had for years that was probably bought for a garment or for a quilt but it is not a tight enough weave to be put in a quilt. It's OK for the back of mini's though - although I didn't use it for this quilt.
Just listening to a little Marco Antonio Solis on Youtube while I waited for these photos to upload. The last pic didn't want to upload properly and after 6 tries, I finally got it to upload in the way it was meant to - landscape, as opposed to the portrait that the other 5 attempts came up as. What I finally did was copy and paste the photo the way I wanted it and uploaded the 'new' image. It worked. I don't know why it wouldn't do that the very first time.


  1. Oh wow... your May quilt is exquisite. Thank you for visiting me :O)

  2. It's BEE-autiful Mom!!

    I really like that one :-) Very springy and pretty.

  3. Hi Dolores,

    I love your pretty, May apple blossom quilt. What a great idea, cutting out the little fabric flowers.

    Happy weekend

  4. Lovely May quilt. Yes, it does look like apple blossom. A sweet, and cheery quilt.

  5. oh wow!!! your Quilt is gorgeous!!! wonderful work!!!

  6. Hei Typy, your appletree is stunning with all those blossoms. It must have been a lot of cutting...

  7. A darling blossoming tree Dolores! That sure must have taken a while to cut out those tiny flowers!

  8. Thanks Dolores... yep, they are the cutest kittens ever!!
    Have a great week.


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