Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photography talent

My eldest daughter Laila took up photography in high school. She has the cameras, the lenses and the other equipment. Over the years I have been the recipient of her talents. At one time she lived in Thompson, Manitoba which is a nine hour drive north of Winnipeg. There were lots of places to hike and fish and skidoo. This first photo is of a petroglyph that she found high up when she was out hiking. She knows I love native art and so one day this arrived in the mail just the way you see it - fully matted and framed.

The bad photography on my part shows the reflection off the glass of the other wall of pictures (the female art wall.)

I love architecture - especially windows and doors. This window is from a church in New Finland Woods, Saskatchewan. Outside the church is a monument that has my grandfather's name inscribed as one of the founders. In 2004 my daughter and I took a road trip (she did all the driving) to the Calgary Stampede after meeting up in Winnipeg. This area was on the way and we just detoured a bit so I could show her some of her heritage. 

Another favourite of mine is old delapidated farms. We saw a few but didn't stop to photograph them all. This one I do believe was on the road to the church.

This is a clock that Laila made me when she was in junior high. The girls got to take shop class while the boys took home economics. This clock hangs in my studio/sewing room on a narrow wall that seems just the right place for it.


  1. You have such an art-filled home, I love it! Your daughter is very talented. I remember when my grandparents went to the Stampede - they loved it so much - we have family in Calgary too.

  2. wow thanks for showing the pictures, the photos arelovely so inspiring

  3. Still want to see the cowboy hat pic :-)......
    Great photo's...... even with your other's in the picture. Your not alone. I have so many outtakes, hey, I could start a blog :-)
    x x x

  4. Hi Dolores,

    I loved seeing all the artwork and photography from your very talented children.
    That would have been a fun road trip.

    Happy week


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