Friday, May 21, 2010

Threadworks 2010 - Part 2

Continuing on with the show...

This was done by the same artist as the very first photo I showed yesterday - Frankie LeMonde-Meunier. This one is called Morning Song. 

This series of eco-postcards was mounted on painted rug canvas.

Framed embroidery in fall colours. Here in Ontario we are blessed in the fall with Nature's palette.

I took this photo because I was intrigued with the way it was bordered and then framed. The white border is machine stitched and looks like it is separate from the actual piece. It's called Big Sky Sunset With Trees. I just realized that - but I can't see the trees. (Isn't that a great wall to hang art on?)

In the artist's statement, Martha Cole said she started with a digital image which she then "painted to deepen the spatial sense" and then machine quilted to "emphasize the textural surface quality."

This piece was such a joy to look at. I loved, loved, loved all the colour.

I tried to see how the threads were placed onto the woven background but couldn't figure it out. They almost seem like they are glued on. It's one of the things I do at a show - try to figure out how things were done.

This was stunning. Too bad I zoomed in. The central piece is separate from the outer border which is actually a fabric frame in heavier weight fabric which has been machine stitched. I went to view her other piece and it was done the same way. You can see it better here, in the pdf catalogue - page 15.

A close-up so you can see the stitching.

Sharron Begg won the free motion stitching award for this piece called Georgian Bay Pine.

This shows up the stitching so much better than the catalogue.

This was a fun piece.

Details, details.
Initially, this little piece didn't really attract my attention but it has grown on me.

A face surrounded by pleated fabric (Vidarr -  Norse God of the Forest.) I loved viewing all the imaginative ways that people worked on their individual pieces.

Here's the grand prize winner. Three Leaves by Gordana Brelih of Toronto. It measures 51" X 34" which is larger than the dimensions that were outlined in the entry form BUT because it is a triptych, it was exempt from the size restriction.

Just a few close-up shots so you can see the work that went into the pieces.

I am not quite sure of all the techniques that were used and the brochure with the artists' statements doesn't elaborate on it at all.

And the final photo, just in case you wanted to see the tops.

***Ok, now I really am disappointed. I took a look at the handout that was at the show which lists the prices and gives the artists' statements - in alphabetical order. There are nine people that have two items in the show. What on earth does that mean? That out of 280+ works that were submitted, there really wasn't much that was good - or different, or worthy? To me, it means that nine other people could have had their work on display.


  1. Thank you Delores, I really enjoyed the show! I loved some of those pieces. It was nice that you showed close-ups, I like to also see how things were done.

  2. My goodness these are stunning. I am amazed at the workmanship. I'm with you, I like to figure out how they were done, lol...these are just fabulous. Thanks so much for taking these pics! I did download the brochure but haven't had a chance to browse it yet.

  3. These are gorgeous; wonderful textures! Thank you for sharing them!

  4. Thanks for showing more wonderful creations! That are all winners in my mind! 8-)

  5. Hi Dolores,

    What wonderful work and yes, I love all the colours and I would be wanting to look closer to see how they actually do this.
    Thank you for sharing.


  6. What a great show! Thanks for sharing! Canada is just a bit far for me! :)



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