Monday, May 17, 2010

Friday outing

Last Friday I went to the university. That's the University of Toronto. It was a wonderful warm, sunny day and I remembered to take my camera. I thought you all might want to join me. The main reason I went there was to meet my eldest son and enjoy the half price frappuccino that Starbucks was offering during happy hour that day.
I should have taken some photos of the subway station or the street I walked down but I forgot.

This is where I turned off the street. I had many choices of walkways and they all led to the same place but I love this archway.

Green. It seems that everything greened up so fast. After coming out of the archway, this is what I saw to my right and ...

this is a zoomed-in photo of what I saw to my left. Although this building looks to be on its own, it is actually part of University College.

The path I took led me to this wonderful part of University College on King's College Circle.

A view of the building from the other side.
This is Knox College.

I do love doors - and windows.

This is another walkway at the side of Knox College that I could have walked across but it isn't nearly as interesting.

This is the door of the building where my son works and...

at the side of the wall, I found some really old ivy growing.

Opposite to where he works is this wonderful round park campus where everyone goes to take photos and meet family and friends on graduation day. That is University College in the distance.

And this is King's College Road where I walk down to sit, read and wait to meet

my son Mark who treated me to a frappuccino but couldn't stay to take a break because he had to get back to work. His Friday office attire - normally he'd be wearing a shirt and tie.


  1. I enjoyed your tour around the University buildings and grounds Dolores. It looks massive with very interesting architecture. Pity your son couldn't stay with you longer but I suppose work calls. At least he has a lovely place to work.

  2. Great photos Dolores! Awesome buildings! Wow! Looks like a great place to walk about...
    Handsome looking son ya got there! 8-)

  3. Thanks for the great photo show of Toronto's university...I really need to explore the eastern part of my country!
    Oh, Frappucinnos!! How I miss those and Starbucks, too!
    What a nice son you have to treat you! He's a cutie!!

  4. Dolores, I always wish more people would show where they live, and where they visit, just like this. Loved joining you. x x x
    You never said Mark was so handsome. :-) shh..... don't tell him.

  5. thanks for the tour.....what a fabulous university! the architecture is gorgeous.....of course, i have a soft spot for doors and windows, especially beautiful ones like this! i'm glad you had some time to visit with your handsome son.....he looks as sweet as you are! :))

  6. Hello Delores, thank you for the tour of your area. Love the work in the old buildings. Happy days.

  7. What a lovely campus - I adore old buildings and Toronto has them in abundance. Your son is very handsome!

  8. Lovely buildings Dolores. bet you are as proud as "Punch" of that lovely son of yours.

  9. Hello Dolores,

    I loved seeing all the green, especially. Those old buildings are beautiful. thanks for the tour!

  10. I so enjoyed this walk with you and it made me smile when I spied the CN tower in the background of one of your photos:-) Everything is really getting green here in the north as well, we always seem to be a couple of weeks behind the south! Glad you were able to have a quick visit with your handsome son. The colleges are quite the architectural delight, aren't they, wow!! xoxo

  11. Hi Dolores,

    I enjoyed going on a tour of your wonderful City, thank you.
    Love all the old buildings and lovely green parks.
    You have a handsome son.



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