Tuesday, May 11, 2010



 This was what Baxter looked like before May 1st and before he went to a brand new groomer. This is the third groomer he has had since we got him a year and a half ago. It's not that he is a problem, it's just that we like to see what the various groomers in the area are like, their prices and how they treat the old guy. Kinda looks like the dog in the 1959 movie "The Shaggy Dog." Go look that one up all you young'uns...


Looks like a brand new doggy, eh? This groomer was the only one to give Baxter a neckerchief. He wore it for a few days and then I took it off him. I will put it back on for special occasions. I really do think he feels much better with his winter coat off although the temperatures are a bit cool right now. This groomer didn't keep him all day (like the second one we brought him to) nor was it really pricey, like the first one. Maybe we'll return to this groomer when he needs to be clipped again.


  1. Oh, wow Baxter.... looks your on Amie Soto Blossom's valentine's list.
    Don't you look a smart lad.
    If your tail wags next time you go to the new clippers then think you should stay where you are.
    xx x x

  2. awwww....Baxter looks so handsome both ways! I'm always a sucker for a fuzzy face anyway (hence the reason I married Jack!). Our dog had her hair 'done' today too and looks like a totally different dog (smells a whole lot better too).

  3. Baxter looks like a new guy! What a difference! Wow! Looking good!!!
    Sounds like a groomer to visit again to me! 8-)

  4. Wait - are you SURE you didn't switch doggies? Dang Dolores, he just lost 40 doggy years, lol! What a handsome fellow!

  5. Oh Baxter is a sweetie and love his before and after look. Don't they come back smelling all clean and lovely.
    It is such a big business, dog grooming.


  6. Baxter you charmer! He definately looks younger without the heavy coat, but I bet it kept him cosy all winter! :o)

  7. Wow, Baxter is handsome - both with and without his shaggy coat. Looks like he went from a Lhasa to a Terrier! That's great that you found a groomer who didn't keep him all day. I now do our Lhasa myself as the groomers kept him all day and he had to pee sooooo badly when I'd pick him up.

  8. Baxter is just SO sweet! I'd have a hard time recognizing him, though, after his beautiful grooming!! A whole new dawg!!! ;o)
    All the best!

  9. Very impressed with Baxter's clip Dolores. He looks like a different dog. This will be great for the summer months.

  10. Baxter "before" looks like a rock star, with his bouffant hairdo. He's adorable with short or long hair.


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