Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hidden Treasures revealed

I belong to a group that is composed of 20 women from all over the world who meet challenges in fibre. It is a new group that was formed a couple of months ago. The first challenge was called Hidden Treasures. Here's my entry.

And here it is REVEALED.

To find out all about this piece, the thought and the work that went into it, go to
There, you will find how 20 people interpret one theme. Individual and thoroughly enjoyable. Almost like going to a quilt show.


  1. Dolores it's wonderful - I loved reading about how you made it. Aren't you clever!!!! That looks like a great group!

  2. Awesome Dolores! Very creative, as were all of them there! Thanks for sharing! 8-)

  3. Dolores: I love your challenge -- in fact each of them are wonderful. I am so glad you joined us.

    I love your dog. Isn't it amazing how different they look with a hair cut. Shirley

  4. Good on you Dolores. I enjoyed looking at your interpretation of the theme. Just love looking for treasures!A great group to belong to.

  5. Beautiful treasure, Typy. And Thank you for sharing the address to your group. I will visit there often! Brilliant works and very talented sewers there...

  6. What a great challenge...thank you so much for giving us the link so we could see the other interpretations too. Each one is so different!


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