Tuesday, December 15, 2020

More handmade


I finished this hat and sent it off to British Columbia. It matches the fingerless mitts I made. The string of lights is a new tablecloth that I bought.

These holiday pajamas were made with a little boy in mind but I realized that once I got the measurements from all the grandchildren, these fit his cousin. I could have added some of the solid lime green fabric to the sleeves and the pants hem but since there was a smaller cousin who could wear them the way they are, I gave them to her.

I then made these in the right size and sent them off to England.

I made this years ago for my youngest daughter. The pattern is called Emma's Tree. My daughter picked out the colours. I would like to make more in different colours but there are so many other things on my list.

Next week is Christmas. Stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands and keep your distance.

I'm linking up with the Needle and Thread Network where you can see what other creative Canadians are up to this past week.


  1. Love all your gifts. You are an amazing grandma. I made a little pink hat for a friend's daughter. I didn't have the pattern any more. Hope I did it right. I wish I had seen your little hat before I started and asked you how you made it.

  2. I must see if I can find a pj pattern for our kids for next year. If nothing else they'd love some 'bottoms' - our sons and daughters-in-love like the ones I already keep them supplied with so it would be fun to make matching ones for the littles.

  3. PJ's are a favourite Christmas gift for anyone!


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