Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Getting ready for Christmas

Since shopping in stores is not allowed because of Covid-19 and I'm not much of a fan of online shopping, I decided to make a few things for the grandchildren.

I thought I would make my grandsons, who live in British Columbia, some fingerless mitts. Luc, the eldest, already has a burgundy and gold scarf that I made him and so I bought some more burgundy yarn. The pattern is called Easy Fingerless Mitts and it's by Calypso Knits (Maggie Smith.) You can find it on Ravelry.

This is Lion Brand Wool Ease and it has 20% wool content. 

I made some navy blue ones for his brother Patric.

Here's the hat to go with the scarf and fingerless gloves.

I also managed to sew up some pillowcases. These are for the boys.

And these are for the little girls.

I'm now making pajamas for most of them. Hopefully. I can get everything finished before Christmas.

I did manage to sew up a quilt top. It didn't take long. The colours are a bit off but they are purples/mauves and greens.


  1. Pillowcases, and hats and gloves, hand made from a Grandma is always the best.Do you have the pattern for the gloves? And are you able to share it? My hands are small and I feel the cold so much with all the medication I now have to take, would love to knit some for myselves.Today, the first day of our summer, I wore a merino singlet/vest/ warm top, thick fleece jacket, merino pants, merino socks to my knees, wool hart and fleece gloves!!!BUT, there was a freezing wind and cold rain.

  2. Lots of good prezzies. I like the quilt top. The colours are my favourites.

  3. Looks like your sewing room has been a hive of industry and there are some lucky little grandchildren who will benefit!

  4. Warm and useful gifts for all the kids! The quilt top has nice colours, lovely and feminine.


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