Sunday, September 13, 2020

School time

This year, school is looking quite different. All children are being asked to wear masks. Even those little ones just starting school at age 4. The girl twins will be 6 at the end of September. They are entering grade one in French immersion and the beginning of the school year has been pushed back a couple of weeks. Since I already made masks for the boys, who live in British Columbia, I figured I could make the twins an equal amount - one each for every day of the week. That would be 10 masks but I thought I may as well make a couple of extras. That meant getting more elastic but I thought I might try different widths of elastic to see what would be more comfortable since they have to wear them all day.

This is called elastic thread. It came in white or red. It wasn't expensive so I got 10 yards. We'll see how it holds up.

 The loose elastics I got from Fabricland and they were sold by the metre. Two of them are 1/4 inch and one bundle was 1/8th inch. The package elastic I bought at Dollarama.

The elastics in the middle I purchased at Fabricland too.

I decided to make four masks at a time so I didn't get to hate making them. Perhaps later this week I'll make four more.


  1. I found some elastic at just over 1/8th of an inch, in black and white, so got metres of it. I see there are requests for ones with clear plastic, so the hearing impaired can see people talking. Bit fiddlier to make, but a real need. I agree, they are a bit boring, I did 8 in a row, then another 4 , found pipe cleaners, or chenille straws, in the craft shop, made a narrow strip on the outside, so that could be removed for washing.Your grandies are so lucky.

  2. I use hair ties elastic as they are very soft to the touch. I cut it open and sew it in like any other elastic. Works wonderfully. ;^)

  3. Yes making masks too. I think a lot of grandmothers will be busy sewing masks :)

  4. Making four masks at a time so as not to get fed up making them is a great idea. I am having problems with that. Having eye trouble so I have not been able to sew in the past few days.

  5. Our authorities think that children under the age of 15(!) are not able to use masks in a safe way, like touching it only with cleaned hands and not putting the same mask on again after it has been taken off and not yet washed at 60 degrees. - I have also found that elastic thread and think it is soft and lovely and doesn't make the ears sore.


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