Monday, October 12, 2020

Creative time

I have finished knitting the squares for the Covid 19 Blanket Project.

They have now been mailed away.

My twin granddaughters turned six last month but since school started they haven't been able to play with their cousins anymore (so as not to expose them to the potential of the virus.) It was then decided that the birthday party would be held two weeks earlier - before school started. The party took place at our house so everyone had lots of space to run and play. The girls wanted a She-Ra party. That meant capes were going to be worn. Since my grandsons in British Columbia had reversible capes that I made, I figured that the twins and their little sister could have some. 

I have loads of fabric to use up and these capes were made from cotton polyester broadcloth. This one is for their three year old little sister, Darcy.

This is the reverse side. I made her cape a bit shorter.

Side one for Mackenzie who wanted stars on her cape.

Side two.

Side one for Severn who loves pink.

She chose purple for the other side and she also wanted flowers.

The cousins all had capes so I didn't have to make any extras. 


  1. The little ones must have looked so cute in their capes and I have no doubt that they loved them and loved wearing them.

  2. I can imagine the capes flying around like butterflies when the birthday party was at its best. Great idea to make them reversible for different moods.


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