Monday, May 11, 2020

Just more sewing and knitting

Everyone seems to be making masks and I am no exception. I apparently need one when entering Canada so I made a mask for myself. My son-in-law needed a mask so I made him one. 

Here's my daughter modelling it for me so I could take a picture of it.

The pattern is from and the fabric is the same cotton that I used to repair the nursing pillow. It's a nice tight weave. The nose section has a little pocket for a wire so it fits well on the bridge of the nose.

This is a little blanket that I knit. The yarn was purchased from Hobbycraft before the lockdown.

It has little shiny bits that I was hoping would show up in this picture but I guess not. It's a very pretty little blanket. The pattern was free from Ravelry.


  1. When do you fly back? I made some with the pattern from craft passion too. I did the little tab for the wire on the outside, and used stretchy fabric for the ties, as I had run out of tape. Lovely that you have had a lot of knitting and other sewing over there.

  2. I made some masks with a similar pattern, and others with pleated sides. I wanted to make several so they can be washed after every use.
    The pretty blanket is a lovely pink!

  3. Made two masks yesterday for family too as they want you to wear them on the subway. By the way it is snowing outside as I type this!!!

  4. I just hate the thought of having to wear a mask but it could well become a necessity, if not a law, if people don't continue to practice social distancing once some of the restrictions start to lift. We each have a mask at the ready but I'm very hopeful they won't be needed.


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