Friday, May 1, 2020

Cross stitch

Over the years I have done a bit of cross stitching but nothing that was very big. When my children were small I made a couple of bookmarks and since I have had grandchildren, I have always added a cross stitched card with a gift.

This is the little cross stitch that I made into a card to go with the quilt in the previous post. It was a lot of fun to make. I remember when I was looking for some suitable little motifs, I just happened to come across a cross stitch magazine that had about a half dozen just for that purpose. So far, I have used three of those motifs. In 2017 there were four babies born - two in May and two in October. I think the magazine was bought in the summer so the little ones born in October were the recipients of the first two designs.

I'm still knitting things - blankets right now so it's slow going. I see there are a lot of knitters who are working through their stash to make baby clothes and accessories - stockpiling the items for when the virus has been contained. They are being asked to place the items in plastic bags and not just indicate sizes but also to date them so that the recipients know when they have been made.

Walks in the park and elsewhere still continue daily, weather permitting. The little babies are growing before our eyes and now have little double chins and 'thigh rolls' as my daughter describes them. Elsewhere in the world, restrictions are beginning to ease slowly. No one wants to go back to full lockdown again.

Remember to wash your hands. We who do crafts and needlework are used to working with clean hands so it's second nature to us.

Stay safe and stay busy and Happy May Day.


  1. That is a sweet little stitchery! Not only are we crafters used to wash our hands but also to keep us busy at home, doing our favourite things like quilting, knitting, crocheting and stitching. But honestly, it would be so nice to hug grandchildren again, and have a latte in town!

  2. Cute!! Good you are staying busy Dolores - how precious to be with those little babies!!!!

  3. Such a cute little design! I haven't done any cross stitching for quite awhile and won't be now, at least not until I can get my cataracts looked after. Trying to see something that fine isn't in the cards for awhile.


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