Sunday, September 1, 2019

New beginnings

Well here it is, September already. Today is a pleasant day with a high of 23C. The family are all coming over for a barbecue later. Tomorrow is a holiday, Labour Day. Then starts school. The twins will be going into senior kindergarten and starting French immersion. Teemu will be starting junior kindergarten. His very first day of real school. He has gone to preschool so this is just the next step. One teacher, a teacher's assistant and lots of new friends to make. Since he doesn't live too far away, he will be going to the same school as the twins and either I or my husband will be picking them all up after school. We have all day kindergarten here so it will be a long day for the little ones who are only four years old. At the end of the month, the twins will be turning five and their cousin Atticus and aunt Ayla will be here to celebrate.

Here's a photo from last Thursday at the park. There is a farmers' market that day and we all went over and had a picnic. The three little ones in the foreground are the ones starting school.

We've had painters here for the past two weeks painting our upstairs and downstairs hallways and two of our bedrooms. The hall is all white and the bedrooms got a new coat of colour.

Here we are getting set up for the painters. Those are two floor model sewing machines under cover. One is a treadle.

The smallest bedroom is getting the brightest colour. 

Teal or turquoise.

All of our closet doors were just wood and clear varnish so we decided to get all of them painted white.

Complete now with new drapes.

I'm very happy with it. The colour glows into the hall with all the light that comes from the window (which we had made bigger last year when we got new windows.)

The one bedroom where everything from two bedrooms was stored. We are in the process of putting things back so this bedroom can then get painted.

The 'before' photo of the other bedroom. The walls matched the carpeting. You can see the undercoat that was put on the closet doors.

There are two big closets and four doors to be painted. It's like a second master bedroom.

The 'after' shot. I chose a light gray. It will have dark gray drapes to filter out the morning sun which beats into this room.

It's a nice change.

The hall with new paint on the walls, the ceiling and the closet doors. The railing got a new coat of black paint. With little ones running around things get nicked and it's been years since we had the hall painted. It was white then and I like white. The area around our skylight got cleaned up and painted too. I often take photos of what I'm sewing under the skylight. There's lots of room and lots of light.

The opposite shot of the 'new' hall. You can see the glow from the turquoise room.

Our front door and the new white hall walls. 

The other shot with new white closet doors. That's the kitchen back there. It will be getting a facelift in the next couple of years.

This is my sewing room door. I got a new door handle put on. All the other doors had new ones so I didn't see why I had to have the old round brass one. This one is modern and brushed nickel. The light switch now has a cover. I did get my son-in-law to install new ceiling lighting last fall but I don't like it and will be putting the old one back on. I found the new one to be too focused on where the light shines. The old fixture had a broader light.

The walls will be getting pictures and quilts put on them but we've been slow to do all that. We are in no hurry.


  1. I like the light grey, and this week our painter starts on the outside window frames and sills, then we need to decide a colour for the lounge walls. I have leaned towards grey, others say it is cold, but anything in the "warm" range looks muddy to me. And as the little ones grow up and start a new phase in their lives, you are right there to do the pick ups, Grandparents are such an important part of any little ones life. What a gathering out there in the lovely sunshine.

  2. White is always good, and I really like light grey too. New paint somewhere will easily make other surfaces look like they need a facelift too! The white doors will make your home look much lighter too.
    Beginning of September was beginning of school at my time, now they start in the first half of August but have Saturdays free which we didn't. Big change for the little ones, but I'm sure they will enjoy it, and coming to your house afterwards too.

  3. Looks great. I bet it feels like a new house :)

  4. paint job is great!
    wonder where you got the idea for the 'blue room' - ha! ;-)


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