Thursday, December 6, 2018

Do you knit or crochet?

If you knit or crochet for a good cause, Yarn Canada has a contest just for you. They have partnered with Bernat and Patons Yarn to give away $2000 worth of yarn to 12 individuals or groups.

All you have to do is write about your cause or who you knit or crochet for. Who benefits from items that are made? Just tell your story.

The contest is open to both Canadians and Americans so go ahead and enter. What have you got to lose? The deadline is December 31st, 2018.

Here's the link for more information and the entry form.

Yarn Canada

And since a blog post should always have at least one photo, I thought I'd show you what I have been up to lately.

I knitted both Luc and Patric new hats. Patric's was black, gray and white and he took it home before I remembered that I should have taken a photo of it. Luc's hat is the one on the left. I started it before he went home but didn't get it finished in time. It will be mailed to him shortly, now that Canada Post is back to work. The twins got new hats too. Severn decided one day last spring that she should throw her hat into the tiger cage at the zoo. I had knitted that hat and apparently, it was her favourite. Her new hat is the one on the right and Mackenzie's is the middle one. I let them choose their own yarn.

This is the yarn I used for all four hats. I like the variegated yarns and colours and also the fact that it has 25% wool content. The yarn is machine washable too. I still have at least one more hat to knit and I was thinking I could/should make a couple more just to keep on hand in case the little ones need a hat. With the pattern being a rib, it makes the hat stretchy and can fit several head sizes.


  1. I love the hats and would like to make some for my grandsons. Is it an easy pattern?

    1. The hat is super easy on 5 mm. double pointed needles. Just cast on 72 and the pattern is knit two, purl two for 9 inches and then decrease.

    2. Thank you so much. I hope my grandsons enjoy their new hats,

  2. Very nice hats, and spare ones will come in handy if someone else gets the idea of throwing their favourite hat to lions or a river or something like that.

  3. Great hats! And a great plan to have spares on hand. Kids are bound to lose them (adults too, for that matter!!).

  4. Love the hats! Pretty yarn. Good idea to have extras. My husband is good at losing his, but so far hasn’t donated to animals­čśé


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