Monday, December 3, 2018

Little family visitors

Our oldest grandsons (Luc, 7 and Patric, 5) visited us for two weeks in November from British Columbia. While their dad went hunting with his family in northern Ontario, they spent time here getting to know their younger cousins better. Their aunts and uncles spent quite a bit of quality time with them too. Some of the outings they went on included a Remembrance Day assembly at their cousins' school, going to watch Smallfoot, the movie, with their Pops, bowling with aunts, uncles and cousins, a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the spider exhibit and spending the day at the Science Centre. There were other activities such as going on a treasure hunt that their uncle arranged and decorating a gingerbread house and then smashing it with hammers the night before they went home.
Oh yes, they also got haircuts while they were here - even though they didn't want to.

I did manage to sew a bit for the boys while they were here.

 Here's Luc wearing his new apron. Both boys chose their own apron fabric. Luc wanted just one pocket so I made one big one but then sewed it down the middle so it became two. One big pocket just seemed to flop open too much.

This is Patric modelling his new apron. He likes pockets so I gave him three. The previous aprons were getting too small for these growing boys.

Talking to mom over the computer. This is the longest time she has not been with her boys. Both work and going to school for an MBA kept her at home.

Decorating gingerbread men with cousin Teemu with Aunt Maili and little Esme looking on.

There seemed to be a bit of candy munching. Note the new haircuts.

Identifying animal tracks in the snow.

This is the front and side of the gingerbread house that Luc decorated.

Patric decorated the other end and side. 

After a bath, the boys remembered that Pops promised that they could demolish the gingerbread house. Yes, they were allowed real hammers.

Working together and taking turns hitting the roof, they did it.

They were allowed one small piece each.

It was certainly a visit filled with family. I hope the boys remember their time here.


  1. Sounds like a perfectly amazing time! They will have lots of stories to tell now they're home.

  2. Super. When we stayed with a Canadian relation in Toronto, our children loved the Science Centre - and so did I! And what fun the demolition crew!

  3. The boys are old enough to have real, own memories of this visit, not just photos and what the grown ups tell them. It sounds like a wonderful stay with so many experiences - and really nice haircuts!


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