Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sneak peak

With the approach of summer, I get geared up for road trips. For four years now I have taken part in the Row by Row Experience. This year's theme is Sew Musical. I had been hesitating this year as to whether or not I should participate but once I heard what the theme was, I was all in. The quilt would be finished and gifted to little Teemu who loves music and has several toy musical instruments. He recently graduated to a big bed so it just seemed appropriate. So that's one reason I have been so quiet on the blog this summer.

Here's one of the rows. It's the regular, or classic, 9 inch by 36 inch (finished) row.
The row above was offered at The Hobby Horse Quilt Shop, in Georgetown, Ontario.

Some of the others are 18 inch squares. The Row by Row team announced that this year the sizes of the 'rows' would be changed to include the 18 inch square, a 12 inch by 27 inch rectangle and a long 54 inch by 6 inch row. I have yet to see the long row offered.
The little birdies above was designed by Quilt Junction in Waterford, Ontario. 

This summer we've had a little visitor in our backyard.

Bunny has made our backyard a tempting home.

We saw one, then two and then a baby one. I think this is the baby one.

Unfortunately, my husband has seen a hawk or falcon around and one landed on our verandah railing less than two feet from him when he was feeding the little sparrows some bread. We haven't seen our little bunnies since. I hope they've just found more fruitful yards to visit.

I'm off now to do more quilting on my current Row by Row quilt.


  1. The musical quilt will be great. Soon children will not recognise those black vinyl records! - It is always fun to watch the wild animals coming close to the house.

  2. I can't wait to see this quilt - love the 45's!! In spring, we had tons of rabbits all over the place, you couldn't move without seeing one. Now the coyote seems to have got them all. He was going after a fawn yesterday - the whole herd, actually, chasing them from one end of the woods to the other. And every morning when I leave for work (4:30am) there's a skunk between me and my car......ugh.

  3. I like the theme of this year's row x row - looking forward to seeing your creation. Cute wee bunny!!


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