Friday, August 24, 2018

More bags

A couple of weeks ago the twins had a sleepover. Since I had made the dinosaur drawstring bags for my grandsons in British Columbia, and since the twins were going to be going away for a weekend of camping, I thought that they could use a little drawstring bag of their very own too. They got to choose their own fabric. I have quite a few fat quarters and so I picked several that I thought the little girls would like.

This was the fabric that Severn liked right away. It was a bit more than a fat quarter and I have no idea why I bought it. Perhaps to make a little shirt? Who knows?

At first, Mackenzie chose a fat quarter that had snails and starfish and other creatures on it. I don't know why I had put that in the pile of fabrics for them to choose but that's the one she picked.

But then, she saw this cute doggy fabric. I think I got it from Walmart. I think it is just super cute.

So, I did manage to find the time to sew the bags.

And since I had already made two, fully lined drawstring bags, it didn't take long to complete more.

These are both the same size.

Fully lined and from my stash. This time I had to make a trip out to Fabricland to get more twill tape.

But wait, there's more....

Here's Teemu all ready for his road trip. 

Note the toy drill in his hand?

He got his very own tool bag with leftover fabric from making a pillowcase for his cousin Patric.

There was just enough fabric leftover to make a special bag.

Off he goes...

but wait...

where's the shoes?

Typical boy.

So, now all the little ones over the age of three have their very own drawstring bag.


  1. These are all so special, and later on when they look at the photos, say " Was I really that small and had my very own bag?". Lovely gifts and having the ability to make them is always a huge blessing.

  2. What fun bags - and great that they're so useful too. Little Teemu looks so cute, all ready to go, but minus the shoes!

  3. Great gifts for the girls! Teemu looks like a big boy now with his drill in hand and the rest of his tools in the bag. It is so easy to forget the shoes when it is still warm.


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