Monday, December 4, 2017

'Thank You' mug rugs

What is your 'go to' gift for a thank you? Does it depend on who it's for? What if you don't know much about the person but want to do something for them?

I decided I'd like to make mug rugs. I don't know the people to whom these are going but I have met most of them - they are nurses.

This was the first one I made. It was a free pattern/tutorial that I came across while searching for patterns. I made mine one inch longer and I used bias tape for the black keys because they gave a better finish than just cut and fused fabric.
Here's the pattern:

Another idea I got off the internet. It was from a search on Craftsy. My colours are much richer than the mug rug I saw.

I liked making crazy stars or maverick stars and since I had a lot of one colour already in a pile, I just went for it. Again, the idea came from something I saw on the internet.

This is why I had a bunch of purples already in a pile. The pattern is from Fat Cat Patterns. I am a pattern tester and since the mug rugs were mainly for nurses, I thought it was appropriate.

Another one in blues.

A group shot. I have one more to finish up and hopefully, I will remember to take a photo and post it.

Some sites you might want to get inspiration from:


  1. They are all so lovely, and will be very welcome gifts.I like them all.

  2. I used to sew little angels, but now I think mug rugs are perfect for many different recipients. Your set is very nice, and those appliques will be much appreciated.

  3. Mug rugs are such fun to create, for sure - and they're a practical gift too. I'm sure the nurses will be thrilled with these special gifts.

  4. You are going to make some nurses quite happy. :) These are all nice.

  5. Great idea to make these. The scrubs pattern in darling but I think the star is my favorite.

  6. Love that rainbow mug rug! So cheery.

  7. What a busy and clever girl you are Dolores. The Mug Rugs are GREAT and so thoughtful! Happy Christmas to you and yours.


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