Sunday, December 17, 2017

Just a little update

Here's the last mug rug I made. The little Dresden plate was made a couple of years ago and I finally got to use it. I had always meant to make it into a mug rug but it never got finished - until now.

The colour is not that good in this photo. 
I enjoyed making all the mug rugs.

This is one of the wheelchair quilts that Marg and I are making.

This is the other one. We cut the backing for both but won't start quilting them until the New Year. We thought one was more feminine and the other could be used by a male.

I finished this blanket for little Atticus. It's been delivered so I can show it now. It took one whole ball of yarn - not my favourite acrylic.

These are two little dresses that I just finished for the twins. I hope they like them. They are made out of knit fabric that is brushed on the reverse so it's nice and soft against their skin.

I've still got some things on my list of sewing and knitting so hopefully, I can get something finished this coming week.

The temperature is a bit milder for the next couple of days. Perhaps it will be warm enough to melt the little bit of snow we have.
Try not to stress over the holidays. If you don't get everything done, that's OK. Just do the important things on your list first and all will be good.


  1. Lovely knitting and sewing for the littlies, and your mug rug, super colours. Blues ,greens, and purples, my favourites.

  2. I really like the Dresden mug rug, and the wheelchair quilts are both pretty. Acrylic blanket for the baby is easy to wash and dries rapidly. Those little dresses are so soft and warm, perfect for the winter.
    I'm going to follow your advice and take it easy with Christmas!

  3. More nice projects/gifts! You've been a busy little bee. And good advice about taking it easy over Christmas.


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