Thursday, August 3, 2017

A new tote

I managed to make a new bag - but not for me. My eldest daughter, Laila, likes totes and wanted a cross body one. I did some online searching and came across a pattern that she liked. It just so happens that we had visited Value Village and I found a piece of fabric that was from IKEA. It was quite nice and I picked it up even though I didn't have any idea what I was going to use it for at the time.

 The lining is a bottom weight in light blue. I didn't use any interfacing since the two fabrics together were enough and the pattern didn't call for any.
Laila liked the size and the fabric but she wanted a closure.

So, I sewed on a tab and added a handmade button that her husband had made me.

It turned out to be a very nice size. Big enough to transport baby Esme.

Today is a special day.
Happy Birthday Laila!!


  1. Super bag, lovely daughter, but the little one might well be the star of the show today. Happy Birthday from down in NZ.

  2. Love the baby! I mean the bag! Great fabric find at Value Village.

  3. What a pretty bag! Also, you have a very beautiful daughter, the bag suits her perfectly. My daughter would love that bag, perhaps she's about the same age as Laila. Where did you find a pattern for it ?
    Oh, also just wanted to say I have seen fabrics like that in IKEA and wondered what they might work well with. This is perfect!

  4. That turned out great - love Ikea fabrics, good use for it! She looks so happy with it! Happy Birthday Laila!!!!

  5. Happy birthday Laila. Great looking bag!

  6. That bag makes for a pretty nice birthday present! Happy birth day to Laila.

  7. Great bag for a mom! Space for nappies, spare clothes and bottles as well as the usual handbag contents. Happy birthday to Laila!


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