Monday, August 21, 2017

Row by Row quilt

Yes, the quilt on the frame is now complete and I've brought it in to a participating quilt shop.

Here's the photo taken the morning after I finished binding it and adding a label.

 This is what I won for bringing the quilt into the Threads That Bind quilt shop. I did include the row from the quilt shop. It's the one on the very first row, the hockey row. The owner of the quilt shop, Lois, is herself a hand quilter and knows how much work went into the quilt so she added a few extras in my 'win.'

It's now hanging for a few weeks in the store. I had a relaxing weekend and am now working away at trying to shorten my 'to do' list.


  1. I love how your row by row came out! that side road with the car traveling is really neat...nice work--and nice haul, too hugs, Julierose

  2. What fun! I love all the maple leaves throughout - perfect for Canada's 150th.

  3. Congratulations on your finish and win! The hockey row is good, it looks just like young boys here too are playing on the lake or in the backyard. Very nice quilt!

  4. Wow Dolores congratulations!!!!!! That turned out so so gorgeous, and you won - so impressed!!!!


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