Monday, July 31, 2017

Super Penguin

Before my daughter Laila and her family arrived for a visit, she asked if I could make a softie based on her six year old son's drawings. Little Luc has also dictated four stories involving the escapades of Super Penguin.

Here he is.

I based his body on Wendi's Itty Bitty Pocket Pirate from her free patterns found on Shiny Happy World.

I did have a smile on his face to begin with, just like the drawing, but he looked more like a little boy than a penguin so I gave him a beak. I also stuffed him more than the original pattern called for.

Luc drew step by step instructions on how I was to go about re-creating Super Penguin. (his backward #2 looks more like a sideways #5)

Please excuse the blurry photo. I had Luc come into the kitchen, close his eyes and hold out his hand.

Super Penguin was hiding on the table under the bag of parsley so he couldn't see it. Luc appears to like his creation.

Just like with Patric and his llama, I had Luc choose all the fabrics.

Just a 'thank you hug.'

The original drawing and the real thing - with the two colour 'S'.

And here they are watching a movie on mom's tablet.

Totally engrossed.

Here ends another saga of Super Penguin. I hope he has lots of adventures in British Columbia.

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  1. You are the BEST grandma!!! Luc will treasure this little fellow I know.

  2. This is so darn cute, Dolores! I love the beak, it says "penguin" perfectly. You must save those drawings. Precious.

  3. A tutorial!! I hope you save this, a treasure for him in later years. Love the S and the finished fellow.

  4. The best super hero I have ever seen! No wonder the boys love playing wit their capes too. Someone ought to write down some of the Super Penguin adventures for Luc.

  5. Love your daughters ' cowl and this custom made Super Penguin is remarkable!

  6. So cute, and I just love the drawings too... am sure you will be saving those! Thanks for linking up to 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  7. That is just amazing, Dolores, it turned out perfectly! He looks so proud!!!!


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