Friday, June 30, 2017

Charity recap

A couple of weeks ago Marg and I got together to package up all of the baby quilts and baby hats that we had made to deliver to a lady who is connected with the Silent Children's Mission. Here's a visual list of the quilts.

One of the few pre-printed panels we have.

Easy peasy squares.

This star quilt is a free pattern from Swim, Bike, Quilt blog.
I'm sorry you can't see the teddy bear that Marg quilted in the star.

The second star quilt.

One of what I call 'the ice cream quilt.'

The second 'ice cream quilt.'

The refreshing gingham quilt.

The ducky quilt.

That's it for this year. I didn't count the hats but there may have been about a hundred of them.


  1. Hats and quilts, what lovely gifts, and from your hands, the best gift of all.

  2. You two have been busy and created a huge pile of quilts and hats for the babies. Your work and generosity will be appreciated!

  3. Nice, very nice quilts!


  4. Good job. Those quilts look soft and cuddly.

  5. What generous hearts you two have - you're going to make a lot of children very happy!!!

  6. You and your friend have been busy! I'm sure all your efforts will be received with open armss.


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