Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Slow progress

There's been a couple of turns taken from both ends of the frame. I'm just randomly quilting straight lines across the quilt and there are a few lines perpendicular. If I keep up with a bit of quilting here and there, it will be finished before I know it.

I also managed to finish the sleeves of Patric's sweater. All that's left is the front and then the dreaded sewing of all the pieces together.

I've got to make a few stockings for some little people and I have a wall hanging that I want to get done too. It's been hanging around long enough. I'll show it to you once I get it all together.

I'm linking up with Esther's blog and also with The Needle and Thread Network. Check out the links for some wonderful inspiration.


  1. I hear you about the dreaded sewing up on sweaters. Luckily I found a top down version of a little sweater and it's a breeze to do. No seams at all!

  2. I clicked on one of the links and found a blogger in Quebec who is also making the Grand Illusion qal, so I'm happy I found her blog. Patrick's sweater is going to be sweet.

  3. I hate sewing knitting together too. I think it's because nobody ever showed me how it should be done so I always do it slightly differently. I've never found a pretty way!

  4. I love the quilt. The sweater will be adorable.


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