Monday, December 15, 2014

Off the frame

Well, I knuckled down and quilted. Each square is 10 inches so the finished size is a lap quilt - 50 inches square.

As you can see, it is off the frame. I am not going to trim it or bind it until sometime in the new year.
Now, I have to go and bake some cookies, bring some books-on-tape back to the library, sew a few things, clean up a couple of bedrooms, decorate the tree, etc. I have a winter wall hanging kit cut out and the pieces are going to be fused so hopefully, it will be done quickly. I'll show it off once it's done.
Have a great week and don't stress about the holidays. You can only do what you can do.


  1. Your day sounds mighty busy, love the quilt, and hope we see the wall hanging soon. Jean

  2. Beautiful quilt, no stress here. Just enjoy each new day as it comes.

  3. Love it. I'm not not a big fan of geometric blocks but this looks super with the quilting done.

  4. I like this one! Glad you got it done though, so you can get on with the Christmas 'stuff'.

  5. Hello Dolores,

    Congratulations! I am off to the library today to pick up some Christmas reading.
    p.s. it could still be used as a Christmas Tree Skirt!!!

    Happy days.

  6. We have a Christmas song telling about how busy Mom is at Christmas. Your quilt is pretty, I like the modern look and the colours.


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