Sunday, July 13, 2014

More fabric and the first dress

I don't need anymore fabric but...

I could not pass up the low volume fat quarter (I think it's just gorgeous,) and the other two, the Canadian hockey player and the the fun doggy heads will be going into an eye spy quilt for one of those little boys in BC. I saw this 'disappearing ink' marker and figured I would try it out - just because. I will see how well or how poorly it works. I'm not a fan of chemicals on my fabric. One never knows what will happen to the marks down the road, in twenty, thirty or fifty years.

Some flannel - for a rag quilt and for other projects.

And, from somewhere in Oslo, here's Maili modelling the first dress I made for her. 

This one has a belt. Here's a close-up of the fabric.

Now, I've got to get back to doing something - there are so many things started...
Oh yes, I almost forgot. There was no supermoon viewing for us because there was a bit of cloud cover. My husband noticed that there were no stars to be seen either. I wanted to see if the moon was out there at all and so we took a small drive (we live among buildings and trees) and lo and behold, the moon did peek out but it was really fuzzy. Cloud cover hid it.


  1. No moon here either...just cloud.

  2. No moon here either and I didn't feel like going out to look for it. There will be another one in August and September. Love the dress! And the fabric. Let me know how that disappearing ink marker works out.

  3. I don't "need" anymore fabric either! Love the hockey player one.

  4. We could see the moon rising over the lake -- big and orange! Your daughter looks great, I hope she enjoys her trip!

  5. Cute fabrics for little quilts...I think you scored. Your daughter looks like a model in the dress you made.

  6. that braille wall must bee saying" such a lovely dress, my dear, such a lovely you"

  7. I didn't see the moon, either. The dress is adorable - as is the model. The fabrics are cute.

  8. She looks great....but, to me she almost looks like a miniature person has something to do with perspective and the large backdrop of pin pricked metal or whatever it is and, the look of huge floor boards on the bottom..... how cute....

  9. You can never have enough fabric Dolores!!
    I had a lovely surprise in the mail last night - two amazing cup quilts and a delightful teatowel.
    Thank you so much for your kindness. Its fabulous to be the owner of some of your talents (so to speak!)
    Thank you. x


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