Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Here are a few of the parade shots from yesterday. I forgot I had my camera so I didn't take a photo of the pipe bands.

These motorcycle officers were doing figure eights on the street. Since we were sitting on the curb, close to a turn in the parade route, we missed some of the fancy moves.

The scouts are always in the parade. This is actually a scouting drum corps.

I love these cars and it looks like these Shriners do too.

I guess they practice their moves - or else they do a lot of parades.

Roller derby girls called the Derby Debutantes.

I wonder how this is powered.

You could tell when this float gets close. They crank up the country music nice and loud.

Hard to play a banjo when you don't have all the strings.

They always seem to have fun.

This is what the float was towing. 
There wasn't much more - at least not exciting enough to take a photo of.

Photo: 8 more days before Ayla turns 30: playing in the rubble during the 151 renovation, getting ready for Sunday school and ultimate matching outfits for class photos...
This little girl, my baby,

Photo: 10 Day Countdown till Ayla is 30: what a babe she was...

Photo: and 1 more day until Ayla is 30: Happy Birthday-eve (and HBD Canada) GO Blue Jays, fun with nephews and so many celebrations...
is celebrating her 30th birthday today.



  1. Happy Birthday Ayla!
    Thanks for sharing the parade photos. I did not get a chance to go down to see it.

  2. Nice to see all of those happy pictures. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

  3. Parades are always fun. Love the photos of Ayla.

  4. Hi Dolores,

    Lovely to see the photos of the parade. Happy birthday to Ayla.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  5. happy (late) birthday to your little girl!!! I love that little wooden house in the parade, it's funny yet charming at the same time!

  6. Thanks everyone!! I apparently missed this,because I saw the Maili dress pics... but never saw this. Thanks Mom, your baby (still)


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