Friday, July 25, 2014

Meetings (photos fixed)

Last year my son Mark, and his wife Kate, went to Scandinavia and extended their vacation to include Finland, where my ancestors are from. Almost at the last minute, I emailed my long ago pen pal to let her know that they would be in Helsinki and she was gracious and kind enough to want to meet them and took them on a tour of the National Theatre.
This year, my daughter Maili and her boyfriend Casey went on a two week tour to Scandinavia and are now in Helsinki. They too met my pen pal and spent the whole day checking out little out-of-the-way places -- walking everywhere.

Maili and Satu (the name I know her by.)

 Casey, Satu and her sister.

I'm glad that my children at least have gotten to meet someone who I have not yet met. We started writing in 1960? 1962? We were children then and wrote until after we got married and had children of our own. Then, life got in the way and we lost track of each other. It was through the internet and my wonderful blogger friend Ulla that we were able to connect once more. 

 Perhaps one day Satu and I will meet in person.

Note: Sorry to all those who visited but didn't see the photos. They were fine when I posted but didn't show up when the post went 'live.' Thanks for letting me know.


  1. It would be wonderful for the two of you to meet. Having a penpal for that many years certainly is notable. Unfortunately, the pictures were not visible to me on either Chrome or Internet Explorer, a glitch somewhere.

  2. No pictures for me either but a lovely story and so glad your children hit to meet your longtime penpal , very special :-)

  3. Pictures didn't work for me either. My 'centennial project' in school in 1967 was to obtain penpals all over the world. I still am in contact with one in England, and have been lucky enough to meet her in person.

  4. What a great opportunity for your children. I'm sure meeting your pen pal gave the trip an added feeling of connection. By the way, the pictures showed very well for me.

  5. How fantastic that your family met your penpal. Personal guiedes make visits so special. Your turn to go soon, we hope!

    I saw the photos the other day but was slow to come back to comment...

  6. Dolores, true friendship lasts always. My dear friend Jeanette sent me a beautiful hand made card with stitching and the letter " J', for last week, we have been friends since 1954!!! Now we phone or email, living too many miles apart for visits, other than flying. We have shared children's births, happiness, sadness, health or the lack of, parents deaths, news of sons or daughters, grandchildren too, and when we catch up, as if we had seen each other yesterday. Maybe one day you will greet each other in real life. Cheers, Jean.

  7. Hi Dolores,

    How wonderful that your family got to meet up with your penpal - lovely story. Hope that one day you will get to do this also.
    Happy weekend

  8. Wonderful story,Dolores! Just goes to show that friends are never lost! I hope you two get to meet in person some day.

  9. lovely story.

    I went to Finland just over a year ago and the people there were beyond friendly and generous with their time and bedrooms.

    You should really try to go, yourself, Dolores.


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