Saturday, June 14, 2014

Next Project?

Pieces on the floor. Some of the blocks were already done and you can see the book on the bottom left. It's by Kim Schaefer and the book is called "Cozy Modern Quilts." The quilt finishes at 50 inches square. I found some of the blocks done and all of the little black squares cut already. I'm debating as to whether or not to finish it right away or get down to quilting another baby panel. I was looking at either tops (flimsies) or parts of quilts that I could finish since there are 3 upcoming quilt shows. 

Last weekend I visited a couple of needle art stores. I wish there were more around but I guess people aren't much into cross stitch, needlepoint, petit point, crewel or any of the other needle arts. I was looking for needlepoint wool. Wow, what an education. While I wasn't looking, embroidery floss has taken over and it's more popular than wool yarn. 

 I took this and...

 this with me so I could match colours. I ended up changing the green in this. I got a lighter, prettier green yarn at the second store I went to after I purchased a whole skein of Persian yarn that is a really close match to this green. I just don't happen to like the colour and wanted something a bit brighter.
The ladies at both shops were really nice and helpful. Both of these canvasses were bought for $2.99 each at ........Simpsons (a Canadian department store)

If you're a Canadian, you know that Simpsons closed its last store in 1991. It's sad. Both Eaton's and Simpsons were great stores.

There are other things that are keeping me busy and many more things that I could work on. I just have to decide which one is next.


  1. Kim Schaefer, I looked at her books and quilts, Wow, Your blocks are lovely, I do like that design, and needlework, very soothing. Cheers, Jean.

  2. I'm partial to the Pluto project; one of my dogs was named Pluto because I love the Disney characters. The quilt top looks interesting and very modern. I know how you feel about the good stores; we lost both Filene's and Jordan Marsh in New England and both were adventures to shop in.

  3. I love the KSchaefer quilt you are working on. Yes, finish that one! How would you quilt it?
    I remember Simpson's very well. My mother worked there and my Grandmother would meet us for lunch in the cafeteria every Thursday. Way back in the 70's!

  4. I was looking for some needlework supplies recently and I agree that we don'[t have many options for shopping here.

    When I first moved to TO...way back when...I worked at the main store of what was then called The Robert Simpson's Company. It later became Simpsons. Great place to work.

  5. Your quilt top looks great and your stitchery projects are cute . True enough that cross stitch and crewel work is not as popular today , I guess everything has a cycle , crochet seems to be back right now .

  6. What lovely work you do! I am not a quilter, but I do admire those who do!
    I grew up in Toronto, summered in Muskoka, moved to SE Ontario. I adored Simpsons.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  7. The block quilt will be very striking. The cartoon needlepoint projects will be adorable (I haven't done needlepoint in over 20 years).

  8. Love your modern quilt! I had several needlepoint kits which I gave away a couple of years ago. Just not my thing anymore. I used to love Eaton's and Simpson's, especially at Christmas time.

  9. Love your quilt blocks! I remember my shock when Eatons closed. Another one I miss out west is Woodwards.


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