Saturday, May 31, 2014


Just a short post to update on the work of the Champagne Quilters.

The big quilt is off the frame.

Marg decided to call it Lucky Stars. She was so glad when we put the final stitches in a week ago. No blood spots were found on the backing so that's a good thing. The backing fabric is a beige print that Marg found on sale at Fabricland.

We trimmed it last Wednesday and cut the binding for it. Ann does that job since she doesn't mind it. 

We are now working on making a small quilt into a single bed size. I'll show it to you if I remember to bring my camera.


  1. That's a nice name for charming quilt. And as for the backing, beige and red can look good together.

  2. It looks great, Dolores, very soft and puffy! Very cuddly. What batting did you use?

    I had to laugh at Joanna's comment. Beige and red! Very droll.

  3. Congrats, Dolores! A great finish!

  4. It's beautiful. You must all be very proud.

  5. Hi Dolores,

    Love the new star quilt and congratulations to you all for the great job.
    Enjoy the new week

  6. Love the star quilt! Thanks for dropping by our blog!

  7. Oooh, la la! It's beautiful! A delightful finish.


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