Monday, May 19, 2014

Miscellaneous Stuff

"The 24th of May is the Queen's birthday and if you don't give us a holiday we'll run away and play." That's the little poem my dad taught me when I was little. It was something he learned as a little boy. Today is Victoria Day or, otherwise known as Firecracker Day. It's a holiday Monday and there are fireworks displays in a few places tonight at sundown. It's usually a coldish day and even though it may be 60F or 20C, it still feels cool outside. There is no sun right now and it may rain. Typical.

Prince Charles and Lady Camilla are visiting Canada (the Maritimes) for four days. Pop on over to Karen's blog to see photos.

Otherwise, I have been busy with odds and ends.

This is Midnight...

and this is Ben. They belong to my son Mark and his wife. They went away for the weekend and entrusted their care to me and my husband. We went over to feed them and to cuddle for a bit.

This was the sky earlier in the week. 

 It should have been April showers but it appears as if we are having May showers.

The backyard is greening up. I love my forsythia and my tulips but the squirrels seem to like my tulips too.

Here she is, my little Pixel with her yearly lion cut. Some people really get freaked out by it and others think it's cute.

I finished the challenge quilt I was working on. Here it is basted in preparation for hand quilting.

Here's another part of it. I'll show you the whole thing in a couple of days. It turned out quite different from how it started out in my head.

I'm working on baby things too but since it is supposed to be a secret, I can't show you. All in good time...

Just a few photos of some flowers I got for Mother's Day last weekend.

These were from my son Mark and his wife Kate.

I love the colours.

I love the variety too.

These were from my other son, Eric.

And this one lone white carnation I received when I went to the bank on Friday. 

I just happened to have my camera with me today.

These are the window displays at the Bata Shoe Museum. Colourful and very quilt-like.

Have a great week. I'm going to see what sewing I can accomplish today.


  1. Can't wait to see the challenge quilt. It looks very interesting.

  2. Hi Dolores,

    Love all the pretty flowers and your gorgeous cats.
    Does Pixel mind having his fur trimmed? we sometimes had to have our cats shaved when their fur got a little messy, they were Persians.
    Enjoy your week

  3. Hope you had a terrific long weekend. I got absolutely no sewing done, but the garden is weeded and two sections of our new fence got stained. Can't wait to see your challenge quilt! Enjoy the wonderful greenery that is springing up all around us. We deserve it after all the cold, snow and ice we have been through.

  4. The quilt looks like it will be beautiful. Your Mother's Day flowers are lovely. I love the idea of a lion cut on your cat.

  5. Gosh, lots of great photos today, Dolores! The black cats are gorgeous, and the male looks huge! Is it just perspective, or is he really so big?

    I also love those colours in the pink, purple and acid green flowers. I can't decide if that would be a good quilt scheme or not. :)

    May showers bring June flowers, is what I've been saying this month. Many of our trees out in the east end don't have leaves yet! I think the ice storm must have damaged them.

    Have a great week!

  6. I sat in a sunny sheltered place yesterday and read my book. I just wish it would get a bit warmer. The breeze still has a chilly edge to it....brrrr.

    Lovely flowers:)

  7. We are lucky moms to get such pretty flowers! Just noticed the new header - did I miss you explaining where it is?

  8. Awww... you get to kitty sit too.... I like that. have Pixel... I love her summer cut... she probably likes it too...

    Your not-so-beatiuful quilt is great Dolores!


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