Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New stuff

I have started a new project. It's just a small one and once it's finished and delivered, I shall post a picture of the final piece. But for now, here's how far I have done. This is a lot of fun.

It looks kind of funny but it really will be cute once it's all done.

I also went out and took a look at what Fabricland had. They had a 50% off sale all this month and I was looking for some flannel.

It's a nice light blue. I didn't care what the designs were nor did I much care about the colour. I will be cutting it up to 24" X 24" squares and finishing the edges. There is a charity that I found and that's the size they have requested. They also need 36" X 36" square blankets, hats and socks for infants. These become a kit for new mothers in third world countries. The flannel is a fairly good quality and was only $2.44 metre. It was the last of the bolt and there was a bit more than 3 metres. I also picked up some white cotton for quilting but that would be boring to take a photo of and show you. I didn't need the quilting cotton but at 50% off, I thought it was a good deal - just over 5 metres.

I'm off to put labels on some of the things that I have been busy with and then I'll be getting back to putting together a quilt. Once it's a flimsie, I'll post a photo.


  1. I resisted the fabric sale. I did go in though. I bought some stuffing at 50% off but I avoided the fabric. It helped that my hubby was with me reminding me not to buy any until I use what I have:) Sigh.

  2. Cross stitch is a great past time . Sounds like a great sale and a great cause you are using the flannel for :-)

  3. Your cross stitch project looks promising! I'm used to very traditional flowers, Christmas themes and such, and I've seen those printed patterns for children, but this looks like something new and fun.
    Fabric sales are always useful. The charity project sounds good.

  4. Cute little handprints and the flannel looks very cosy.

  5. The little hands are adorable; I look forward to seeing the completed project. The quilt project for new mothers sounds like a great thing to be participating in.

  6. Love the tiny hands. Looks like interesting things are going on over at your place.

  7. Those hands are tiny!!! anxious to see it finished


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