Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm sure it's just around the corner - but which corner? Not here - not yet.

8:30 a..m

 The snow that the weathermen had promised began.

 It started with a light dusting.

About 1:30 p.m.

The roads were covered.

It's still coming down and there's more to shovel. At least the children are not at school. It's March break for them but unfortunately, the snow is not packing snow so that means no snowmen.
Unfortunately, a quilt guild meeting got cancelled tonight. Too bad since I live right around the corner from the meeting place and the storm would not have affected me.

If you are affected by this last (hopefully) blast of winter, stay safe.
I shall return with more fabric/sewing/quilting stuff later.


  1. Yes, stay safe in all this mess. I've had quite enough of it, thank you very much!

  2. Dolores, stay safe, keep warm, maybe some stitching will keep you busy and hands warm. Cheers, Jean.

  3. Hello Dolores,

    Amazing, now I didn't see one Snowman!
    Hope the weather is kinder to you soon and you can get to your quilt meeting.

    Happy days.

  4. We got about 8 inches and I'm really hoping it's the last storm. Really looking forward to seeing the receding tail end of this winter's weather.

  5. Oh Dolores, it must be getting a bit depressing with snow going on so long.Hope you can find some creative time to do some sewing.

  6. It must be the last snow for you this year! Hope so, still pretty though.

  7. Those pictures should be photographed here in Finland this time of year. We have had a really lack of snow this winter... at this moment no snow, but on next Saturday is expected to snow. Keep warm! Spring will come;o)

  8. I hope the sun shines for you soon. Thanks for dropping by. x

  9. all we can do is hope for sun and warmth..... sigh... I know the feeling...we have piles three feet deep in the yard still.... and calling for more tomorrow or.. if stays warm enough...rain instead...great....

  10. I love the large photo at the top of your blog - snow and all.

    Very true blue Canadian.
    Spring is near, snow is melting in between storms.

  11. I, as well, have had it. Who hasn't? But it's still very pretty, thanks for the reminder! :)


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