Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Many, many thanks

I have been fortunate to receive some wonderful giveaways.

This came in the mail. Karen, of Selvage blog, had a giveaway last month and I won.

 Here it is. A little purse ornament and to decorate it up, Karen put some colourful scraps inside.
Thank you Karen.

Did any of you take the book tour last month for Stephanie's (Loft Creations) new book?

Order a signed copy
Well, I did and I won a copy of her electronic version from Margaret at A Sampler of Stitches.
Thank you Margaret and thank you Stephanie.

And now, a late thank you to Ulla of kotkarankki blog. In December I won a giveaway that she had on her blog to celebrate her 600th blog post.

I took this photo from her blog. There were so many things in the package that I felt it was an early Christmas present.
 There was authentic Finnish rye crisps, gingerbread (like my mom used to make) that were in a tin with Moomin characters on it, cloudberry chocolates and chewing gum. Ulla even included some Finnish Novita Nalle wool so I can begin making socks. The felted leaf has a bar of soap encased in it and just to the left of it is a small black tin of Vitalis cream for chapped lips and hands that has come in very handy this winter. There was also a CD with typical Finnish dance music that my mom has appreciated.

My belated thanks to you dear Ulla. I can only say that Christmas preparations overwhelmed me and then those little boys came to visit so my mind was preoccupied.

I have been very fortunate and very lucky.


  1. What nice things. That felted leaf shows such talent behind it and I love the little purse of scraps.

  2. Congratulations on some fantastic wins !

  3. Wow! Lucky you! Love that bar of soap with felting.

  4. Awesome wins Dolores! Isn't blogging just the best!


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