Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One family - many quilts and little boys

I just got back from visiting my daughter's family in B.C. and while I was there, I noticed that she had several quilts. She doesn't quilt herself, although she does have a log cabin in denim started. These were all given to her or her sons or her husband and I decided to photograph them.

Remember polyester? Stretch polyester? The stuff that was popular in the 70s and never seemed to wear out? When I first started quilting I took a night school class and there was one lady there that used polyester. It makes for a heavy quilt. This is hand quilted and I do believe it was made by my daughter's mother -in-law. The backing is polyester too and I didn't check to see if there was any type of batting. As you can see, it's a spiderweb pattern.

This is one side of a flannel quilt I made for my daughter.

Here's the other side - the raggy side. There is no filler in the squares. I figured that two layers of flannel was enough. It is still used for warmth.

 This is a scrap quilt with a flannel backing that I picked up for $5.00 at a Christmas craft fair a couple of years ago. It's machine quilted and I really like the randomness of it all.

A fun snake quilt, again with a flannel backing, was made by friends for little Luc when he was a baby.

 These next three were all made by my daughter's neighbour, Karen MacDonald for Luc and Patric. The first and third ones were machine quilted and the second one was hand quilted.

 I love the colours in this coin quilt. I made it as a baby quilt in general for my daughter.

This is Luc's monkey quilt that I made when he was born.

And this, of course, is Patric's quilt. All of my quilts are hand quilted.

 Another flannel quilt that I made. It's fairly big and of course, is totally reversible. Not knowing if my daughter was expecting a girl or a boy, I made one side pink and ...

 the other side blue.

A wall hanging I made using Jenny of Elefantz' embroidery patterns to commemorate the purchase of the house they now live in.

I hope I have recorded them all. Now, here's the little boys that I have spent the past month with.

Going for a walk along the Fraser River.

Luc found some sand right beside the big rock.

The bench is a semi-permanent fixture. In the spring, when the snow melts off the mountains further up the river and the area gets flooded, the bench gets moved to higher ground. Luc's dad made the bench. It's one of two. The other one is in the garden.

  Shades of Tom Cruise doing his famous dance scene in Risky Business.

This is Luc's second advent goodie that he found in one of the socks I made. It's a little blue dog.

Little Patric and me.

Mother and son.

Patric is usually such a smiley little one. His top two teeth are about to break through.

Orange cat comes to say good morning and is great entertainment for Patric.

 Orange cat is never far from the boys. Unfortunately, because papa has allergies, the cats have to stay outside. They have a warm little house in the garage.

 Three generations.


  1. Love the last photo Dolores, and all quilts are great, what a superb collection over the years. looks like you had a wonderful time with the family. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Great pictures of you and your family:)

  3. Beautiful quilts. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family. The grands are adorable!

  4. Such sweet pics. I love the three generations one. And there was snow. Looks like you enjoyed your time there.

  5. Awesome quilts and lovely family pics!

  6. Hello Dolores,

    A beautiful family post. Love that little dancer photo.
    Happy days.

  7. Lovely family photos and quilts! I think you and your daughter look like twins. And the grandsons are cute! Glad you had such a great time with them.

  8. I really enjoyed seeing your daughter's quilts. The pictures of your family are very sweet.I just got back from spending a little over two weeks in Tanzania and am just beginning to get caught up on blog reading.

  9. Those quilts are amazing. I love 4 and 7 for their colour - but the pattern on 8 is stunning.

  10. You and your daughter look so much alike! IT's wonderful to have a photographic record of all the quilts. Nice for me to re-visit seeing some of the ones you've made since I started following your blog.

  11. Great photos of the boys and you and the quilts. My favourite is the flannel one with trees.

  12. Lovely quilts, lovelier family. The pics show the sweetness in those boys.

  13. WHAT a fun post...quilts and grandkids all in one :) Love it. You are quilt and both the front and back are pieced..the trees and stars one. I doubt that I could ever do that :)

    I did answer your comment about bungalows over at my blog but came here to visit awhile :)

  14. Thanks for sharing pictures of quilts and grandkids.


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