Thursday, December 19, 2013

New, a new project!

We all have so many things to do and of course, there are those projects on hold until after the holidays BUT, I have been antsy to do something creative. I found a block of the month that started in October and's Canadian. It's different from the other BOMs out there. The blocks are NOT the same size and there's a variety of techniques to try out.

 I took this photo from the site of Mad About Patchwork. Pam is hosting the BOM. I have no idea what fabrics I will be using but definitely something from the stash. Here's the introduction to Cathy's Carousel.

These are just some of the fabrics I picked off my shelves. I'm thinking blues and greens with maybe some yellow and red thrown in for accent.

This is just the beginning of part one of Cathy's Carousel. It's the focal point of the French braid. I liked Cathy's version and decided to border my central square too. Here's part one.

I really want to continue this. It's a pullover but...

I have told myself that I need to put these pieces together first. I started it a year ago - not for anyone in particular. It's a little cardigan. I really don't like putting the pieces together but the shoulders are already done. I know there's not much left to do but it's just one of those things. That's why I gave myself the ultimatum. Nothing continuing and nothing started in knitting until this is put together.

I need to get some floors washed now so that's it for creativity until later...

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  1. I do like the idea of so different BOM patterns, and the braid is a lovely vertical panel to start with. I ,too, struggle to finish one project, before starting another. No wonder too many UFO's are lurking/hidden/stashed away for later. Lovely header photo. Greetings from Jean

  2. Oh, that is a masterpiece quilt! Is there no end to your talents!
    Have a wonderful Christmas. xx

  3. Cathy's Carousel looks fine... and you chose beautiful colors! I have - again - big plans for next year to finish some of my UFOs. My plan is to finish three UFOs during first quarter of 2014. Does it sound promising? I wish to you and to your family Merry Christmas!!!

  4. I'm a shocker for starting something new before I finish existing projects. Most of my things are paper-based rather than fabric and thread, but I have a similar collection!

  5. What impresses me about Cathy's Carousel is the use of challenging blocks that usually are used alone as the central image in a quilt. It's lovely to see what to me are major block designs sharing the space on a quilt. This quilt is gorgeous. I love the French Braid section, and like your fabric/color choices. Your knitting is beautiful, too.

  6. What an amazing quilt! Love the fabrics you chose. Have fun.

  7. Hello Dolores,

    That is certainly a lovely quilt pattern. Your fabrics will make a great quilt. Have fun finishing that knitting.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Happy days.

  8. What a lovely quilt this will be , interesting design ! Your knitting looks great too .

  9. That BOM looks like great fun. And I love your choices. I LOVE blues and greens together... Awesome knitting

  10. I tto really like your classy and simple header photo collage. Great wishes for clearing out UFO's are a quilters monkey on our shoulder.
    Best Wishes for the Holidays,

  11. The BOM quilt looks like a fun project. I like your palette. I totally understand the need to finish up a project before starting a new one.

  12. I know I'm going to really enjoy seeing your quilt take shape. It looks to be a pattern that you won't get bored as you work on it. Great fun!


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