Saturday, March 9, 2013


Well, I wasn't going to show you anymore doll quilts for a while but my friend Ann has completed these.

Seven little quilts with pillows.
My little Teddy has friends now - but since it's not finished nor delivered yet, I can't show you the whole thing.
And my favourite Peeps now come in turquoise! I know they all taste the same but turquoise is my favourite colour.
I broke down and bought some fabric. The remnants are all half off the lowest price. I didn't need them but they are nice to have.
I hope you're having a safe and productive weekend.


  1. Turquoise is my fav too! I will have to find some of these Peeps.

  2. Love these little quilties.Cute teddies.Green is a colour that you can always use!

  3. I know that you will put your new fabric to good use, The mini quilts are quite cute.

  4. I am still going to send you some browns.... but, just haven't gotten around to it.... I'm slower than molasses.... save some bearies for the new fabrics...hahahhaha....

  5. How big are those little doll quilts? Just wondering. Turquoise is my favourite colour too. I have never seen those Peeps, but since we both live in Toronto they must be available to me too. Where did you buy them?


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